IPO Accelerator Program for high growth Tech Startups & SMEs : 3 months pre-IPO fundraising + 9 months to get Listed!

Use the power of a Public Company to Raise Capital

There are a variety of ways of going public. One way for a company to go public is an IPO. In an initial public offering a company is doing two things simultaneously – one is raising capital; the other is going through the process of going public.

Many benefits that being a public company offers such as increased valuation, using public stock as currency to acquire other companies and assets, liquidity, prestige and to reduce the need for expensive loans.

It also makes it easier to raise capital since once you become public it gives you credibility and a benchmark trading price to raise capital against.

Accelerating IPO

We accelerate high growth and emerging companies to list on overseas public markets by helping them access to underwriters, supporting professionals and pre-IPO funding.

Connecting with 300+ Partners

With the strong collaboration and strategic partnership developed over the years, we have established a trusted network of more than 300 global sponsors, nominated advisors, investment bankers, reporting accountants, legal counsels, underwriters, placement agents, market makers and public relation companies to provide a seamless solution to emerging companies looking to go public.

Our Focus

End-to-End Solutions

Our IPO services include private placements prior to IPO, choice of stock exchange and introductions to a vast network of broker-dealers, market makers, underwriters and investment banking firms. We act as your trusted expert advisor in all aspects of pre and post-IPO planning, support and execution.

Pre-IPO Preparation
(3 months)

Pre-IPO Assessment  – including business plan, valuation, quantitative and qualitative test, highlight all compliance issue and recommend solutions.

Identify a suitable market to list , for example Bursa Malaysia Ace Market, Singapore SGX Catalist, Australia NSX / ASX, London AIM, US OTC Market , Nasdaq – best for the client’s industry and file for initial public offerings to general market or via placement.

Pre-IPO Fundraising  to fund the listing expenses and working capital to increase the company’s bottom line, hence it’s share offering price.

Private Placement . We introduce our clients to our vast network of investment funding sources, venture capital, private equities, institutional funds, investment bankers and licensed broker-dealers.

IPO / Public Listing
(9 months)

Assemble and lead the IPO Team ;

Structuring the IPO process , timeline and valuation framework;

Manage the due diligence ;

Work with the investment bankers / broker-dealers on roadshows and fund raising activities;

Working with the professionals to produce and lodge the prospectus ;

Assists in Investor briefings and book-building.

Advise and co-ordinate with capital market regulator on all matters arising from the Listing.


Deliver on your promises as a public company that attracts public and media attention;

Mobilize investor relations, road shows and investor marketing based on the IR calendar;

Manage investor expectations with efficient forecasting and the use IPO proceeds;

Deliver high quality external reporting and disclosures, and good corporate governance